mother’s day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I thought that Mother’s Day was a week from tomorrow, which meant that it would have been the same day that I would  be getting on a plane and heading back toward America. I  was pretty pumped about this. I figured my much-awaited arrival would be an awesome present! Probably my best yet!

Turns out I was wrong. And though I’m sorry I can’t offer my dirty,  hungry, airport-worn self to my own wonderful mama, I feel like this is also an appropriate place for me to be on this Mother’s Day. After all, and I mean this in the least corny and the most literal sense possible, every day is Mother’s Day at mothers2mothers.

At the core of all of the work that we do — all of the work that I have been part of for these life-changing past ten months — is the belief that by supporting mothers, we can change the world. It is the belief that within all mothers is a fierce love for their children and a correspondingly fierce dedication to making the lives of their children the best that they possibly can be. The belief that mothers want their babies to be healthy and happy, and that in order to do that, mothers themselves need to be healthy and happy. The belief that empowered communities of mothers lead not only to HIV-free babies but also to an entire generation of leaders capable of shaping and shifting Africa’s future. With these mothers lies the future.

And so on this Mother’s Day, as always, I extend my gratitude to my own mother: for showing me what it means to be a strong, independent,  and most importantly, a compassionate woman. Mama, if not for you — your dreams of Africa, your values of social justice and responsibility — I would not be doing the work that I am today. If what I do makes the smallest bit of difference, the roots of that positive change run back to you.

And in a new twist for this year, I also want to extend my gratitude to all the mothers working to create positive change in the world. In particular, to the mothers that mothers2mothers employs and serves: for helping to turn the lofty beliefs that I listed above into a reality, day in and day out, in circumstances beyond what most of us can imagine. Since the children of these mothers probably don’t have blogs where they brag about how wonderful their moms are, mothers2mothers has partnered with a group of Mommy Bloggers to spread that message and tell the stories of these remarkable women. If you have time, check out a few of them… I personally find them incredibly moving:

Also, if this message rings true, then honor your mother by supporting ours: click here to dedicate a leaf on the m2m Tree of Hope to the special mother in your life. The dedications are free, and the outpouring of love for the amazing women responsible for raising us and shaping us is priceless.

Happy Mother’s Day. Almost.

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  1. Judy McSwigin

    A lovely post Alexa – and, I will send a donation…………….
    Can’t wait to see you!!!

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